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Match Report FUCC Vs WTCC, Sept 13th, 2015

posted Sep 16, 2015, 7:09 AM by Rahul Mandewalker   [ updated Oct 20, 2015, 5:02 AM ]
What a beautiful day it was to play cricket. Temperature in 60-70. We could not have asked more from Cricket God. We all knew this game was very important for us and we all were hoping a win in this game and loss somewhere else :), would be putting back us on numerous spot. And exact same thing happened. We played wonderful cricket to win the game and fate brought us back in the top spot. I guess if Sunny K would have dreamed about Sunny Leone this day, he would have got that. I bet that.

Day started with VC winning the toss as the skipper was late managing the lunch and delivering it to the team man Sitta's house so that our guys would be served with hot lunch. Skipper decided to bat first as conditions were perfect for batting and there was negligible due present. WTCC was playing good cricket off late and we knew that we will have to play well to win this game. Opponents were considering a proud moment if they would defect FUCC in this game, such is the repo that FUCC has developed. So 20% game already won.

FUCC is trying to find a suitable opening combination, so Sunil and Raj opened this time. Raj started the innings with a signature boundary to the very first bowl of the match  but fell to a beautiful out-swinger. Rahul joined Sunil. Sunil took his time as instructed by skipper to him. He showed signs that he may belong to this position for long time by seeing off deliveries on the off side. Rahul got out clearing the the long mid wicket boundary. Sunny K joined Sunil in the middle. In between Sunil was seeing of deliveries and scoring runs. He hit a towering six in between. Sunny K again perished right before the break. Again middle order got exposed early. 

Sunil hot another long six after the break but got out soon. Navi and Harish slowly started building the innings but Harish also threw his wicket. FUCC lost Teji, Vinod, Deniis and Amit quite cheaply. Navnit scored some good runs. His struggle was clearly visible but he stayed there and spent the time in the middle since he was out of form from some time. Thanks to some extras, FUCC reached to a respectable total of 130 bowled out without even finishing quota of 30 overs.

2nd Innigs
WTCC would have been very happy to restrict FUCC to 130. A below par score. They would have given themselves a pretty good chance to chance this score and do an upset. But they also knew that Sultan of swing is back in the team and also Vinod was present. Sultan did what he does best, took 4 ealry wickets in his spell and broke the back bone of the WTCC. Vinod also contributed with a wicket and a tight line length. Sunny K was brought back and he also delivered a punch right in his first over, he has got knack of this it seems. Now what could have been an easy target for WTCC, started looking out an uphill task. FUCC know another couple of wickets here and there, innings will be wrapped up.

Navith was brought into the attack and he bowled with aggression. Great spell by him too. So did Dennis. Now a days Dennis is bowling with fire, raw pace. He also got a piece of wicket.

WTCC got bowled out for 81. 

Post Match
The real delight came when news was delivered that FUCC regained the top spot in the Div-II, courtesy to a well prayed loss to the CDCC. An icing on the cake. Now FUCC has an outstanding chance to finish the league with the NO#1 spot and hence automatically qualification for Div-I. We just need to play the brand of cricket that we have been playing so far in the last league match, win it and taste the success then.


Match +ves
1. Sunil - Great Job mate. You tried killing yor demons (hitting). You reaped out the hard work. Well fought 37 runs mate. If you see the overall context of the game, your 37 was the highlight of the match. Work out on your strike rotation. 
2Sukesh - What a brilliant spell by Sultan. Bravo mate. You are someone who is delight to the captain.
3. Vinod/Navi/Dennis: Great spell by three.

Work required
1. We still need to work on extras. Lots of extras we gave. 21-23 i guess. Not acceptable. Any good team would have utilized this. 
2. Batters need to take responsibilities. People are throwing wickets quite often. work on strike rotation.

Overall, great match. Enjoyed thoroughly.

-Rajan Thakur