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Match Report: FUCC vs KCCC, CCL T-20 Quarterfinal 16th April 2017@Weston park

posted May 4, 2017, 10:12 AM by Rahul Mandewalker

It was another beautiful day for cricket with bright and sunny blue sky, few fluffy clouds and a cool gentle breeze. Both of the teams look eager to continue their momentum where they left from yesterday. It was a crucial quarterfinal match, and we all knew this will take us one step closer. Both the umpires showed up just on time and the FUCC captain Mr. Navinth ‘the invincible’ went on for the toss with the positive grim that he always has. He won the toss and straight away picked to bat first. The inform duo Raj ‘the destructor’ and Gaurav went on to the crease to start the innings. They started playing their natural shots with some boundaries by making the average above 8 for the first couple of overs. The third over is when Gaurav’s luck turned against him and he was caught behind on a loosener. One down came Kishan who couldn’t seem to find any momentum perishes by chipping it to the long off boundary for a simple catch. The next man to come to the crease was Yash. This is when FUCC’s total score was 27 for 2 in 5 overs. They both started playing some sensible cricket and continue to build a partnership by keeping the score board ticking. Raj was playing good, hitting some fine shots like he always does and trying not to give any momentum to any bowler. They made the total up to 60 in 9 overs and thats when Raj was bowled out while taking a big heave towards square leg boundary. FUCC lost their third wicket and in came Rahul at number 5. Rahul started scoring some quick runs taking singles and doubles. Until then FUCC realized the boundaries are hard to come by. They both were running for everything and putting pressure to the fielders. At the end of 12 overs, the total score was 80 for 3. Shortly after Yash looses his wicket and ‘the evergreen’ Sunny K joins Rahul at the crease. They both looked good and scored some rare boundaries which was crucial at this point which seems needed. They both started playing aggressive and FUCC was eyeing for a decent total. FUCC was 95 for 4 in 14 overs at this stage. Soon Sunny K and Rahul losses their wicket in quick intervals and due to that Harris Khan and Navinth were at the crease. They both start picking up where Rahul left and total was 112  for 6 in 16 overs. This is when Harris Khan scored the first six of the match, what a crucial hit that was for FUCC. Soon after this Harris also looses his wicket making the total up to 128 for 7 in 18 overs. Next batsman to come was non other than the inform allrounder Shiv. He and Navinth started running hard and during that there were some slight misunderstanding and Shiv was run out and Harissh was the next batsman to join Navi in the crease. Navi then made sure FUCC have a decent total to chase by hitting the second six of the match putting up a total score of 150 for 8 in 20 overs.

Courtesy goes to the KCCC bowlers too. They kept their nerve and bowled at the right place and never let any FUCC batsman to settle and play long innings. They bowled some brilliant spells containing ‘on a rampage’ FUCC for 150.

Raj - 38(23)

Rahul - 27(17)

As usual Sukesh started the bowling attack. He bowled a good first over giving only 5 runs and Harris Khan followed him with the next over and what an over that turned out to be. He takes a leg before and breaks the opening partnership. Sukesh on the other hand continued the momentum with even a better over taking two wickets in a in two deliveries. It seemed like the KCCC line up is starting to crumble one by one. They have no idea how to play this bowling combination. On one hand they were barely seeing the ball where as on the other had it was swinging in and taking their wicket down. There were no shots to offer and it looked like they were trying to just figure how to finish this spell. Seeing this moment the captain decided to bring Shiv. Field was tight and bowling was at its best. Batsman seems to get frustrated because they didn’t have any choice other than to take risk playing shots. This is when Shiv clinches another wicket with his brilliant attack. At this point KCCC was 28 for 4 in 6 overs. To keep up with this momentum the captain kept the field to just the way it was by not letting any batsman to settle. There were no singles inside the circle whereas the bowlers are not giving any room to play any shots. Following another over, Suki takes another wicket to finish his spell. What a brilliant spell he bowled taking 3 wickets for just 13 runs. In the mean time, Gaurav joined the lime light by hitting the stumps on the nonstriker sending another batsman to the pavilion. What a throw that was! the batsman didn’t get a chance. Shiv continued his wicket taking momentum by taking another wickets. The total was 53 for 8 in 11 overs. To this point KCCC’s chances of coming back looked slim and their confidence and body language seemed that they have given up for the chase. But we knew the game was not over until its over. Navi joins the attack bowling a maiden over. It seemed like the KCCC are up to playing out the full 20 overs. They continued hitting with some odd boundaries and added few more to the total and continued to take out overs which is when Harissh was brought to attack. He takes the ninth wicket for FUCC. Rahul was the other bowler to follow Harissh. Couple of more overs were bowled and final moment came on the 18th over when Rahul take the last wicket to clinch another comfortable victory. FUCC contained KCCC for just 89 winning by 61 runs. This is a huge victory and should definitely boost FUCC’s moral for the semi final. 

Sukesh B - 13/3

Harris K - 20/2

What a tremendous effort by FUCC.


Kishan Thapalia