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Match Report for DIV-II T30 Finals by Raj

posted Nov 18, 2015, 11:43 AM by Rahul Mandewalker   [ updated Nov 20, 2015, 11:34 AM ]

Hello All,

You cannot even imagine how i am feeling writing this report. Getting goosebumps. Boy what a year we have. Here are the achievements that we had in the very first year of our existence 

1. Triad T20 Champions - 2014
2. CCL T20 Quarterfinalists - 2014
3. CCL DIV-II T30 Champions - 2015
4. Triad T20 Champions - 2015.

...Last not but least...We have earned RESPECT. Nothing like that. So give yourself a pat on your back. We are a Champion Team.

OK, let's go back and relive those wonderful moments of the T30 DIV-II Final.

It was a glorious day for a change, an ideal day to play Cricket in other words. Nature's full cooperation to play. Everyone reached on time and started preparing the ground. The ground was mowed properly and shining like Sunny's bald head. Lots of invitations were sent to invite people to watch the finale and Food was ordered to have them occupied. All in all it was a great day to play Cricket.

FUCC was relaxed as you should be on the penultimate day, but VC was not in mood of over relaxing and gave back a pumping (Long live VC ) speech to each and everyone. Infact Captain had no idea that that would be sort of speech when he approached skipper and asked the permission to speak to everyone before he did. Pretty encouraging one was that though. It had everyone awoke if they were not by that time. Everyone started Loving VC more after that speech.

FUCC was going to play with CDCC, a very good team in Division II. Even CDCC wanted to settle back the score for previous defeat. This time their presence was calm in the ground when they arrived. They knew they were also playing the biggest match of their journey, hence were showing calmness around. 

CDCC won the toss and for a change they opted to bat first. Considering it was the final, it was a right decision. Even FUCC would have done that. 

Sukesh started the bowling and he was into his usual rhythm upfront and was getting bowl to move away from the left handed batsman ( this is the recent ploy teams started having against him but he has developed an out swinger too). He really bowled a testing over to begin with. Vinod was brought in and he really showed why he is one of the lethal bowler. he started making the bowl talk with seaming deliveries and got the first wicket for FUCC with seaming in bowl and batsman did not have any clue and got bowled playing a cross batted shot. 

Then walked in the bad man of CDCC, Gautham. CDCC batters did not have clue what was happening and their strategy to see off the new bowl was backfired and both batters were stuck and finally Vinod got the lefty. Then Vamsy got in and started eating the bowls. This really put Gautham under pressure and with a very good field placing Vinod got him too with seaming in bowl. This was a tremendous start for FUCC and CDCC was really under a lot of pressure. They were not able to score runs and Vinod and Suki were bowling with full rhythm.

Vamsi started eating the balls and was not able to rotate the strike at all and then Suki stuck and got a the batsman plumb. CDCC was in real danger of getting bowled out for a very low score. FUCC was on a roll. Both the batters batted very very cautiously and after first break CDCC was into just 40's after losing 4. They really needed to push the innings from there.

Post break CDCC did not lose any wicket for next 50 mins or so as Vamsi and Vijay played with utter caution and their score started ticking slowly but still FUCC had an upper hand. Rahul and Harish were bowling in tandem and thus pressure was still maintained. finally Harish got Vamsi foxing him with a straighter one. Pranay walked in and together with Vijay played a good session and with some brilliant batting from Vijay, CDCC scored a decent total on board 160 odd, Vijay scored a fighting 50.

FUCC started the chase with a very disappointed start. Captain got out in the very first over without opening his account. Rahul walked in and showed a tremendous calmness in the middle. He took his time along with Amit. Amit was struggling a bit but good thing was that he did not throw his wicket away. So many times when you are not able to score you lose your wicket but Amit was focussing, may be Rahul on the other end was keeping him calm and composed. In between Rahul scored a handsome boundary and a Six with his favourite pull shot. Amit also scord a staright boundary and with extras from CDCC the FUCC innings was on track. Chandu was brought in and at very first ball of his spell he was able to get a outside knick from Amit but slip fielder could not hold the catch and Amit got a lifeline.

Rahul was able to score boundaries at will and score was ticking on as FUCC was scoring 6 runs per over with ease. Gautam was brought into the track and Amit scored a boundary by stepping out and playing in the mid on region. Next bowl Amit survived a very close LBW call but he was in such a mood that very next ball he stepped out and hit Gautham a huge six on Mid on. Gautham started showing his true colors in the next over as he was desperately appealing for LBW even when the bales were miles away down the leg and was seen telling his team mates that "I think umpires are from FUCC"...the usual stuff. Rahul and Amit kept on playing their usual game and never ever let the pressure build on them. That is when Amit lost his concentration and threw his wicket giving a dolly to the fielder. He scored fighting 29(44). A great find for FUCC indeed

Then walked in the cool and senior most  player of FUCC, Sunny Kriplani. Little did CDD know that the joy of the last wicket would be their last one and the two great champions (Rahul and Sunny K) would take FUCC home. Both sunny and Rahul showed a great composure in the middle. They both soaked in all the pressure. They were scoring easy singles, twos and boundaries at will. Rahul played a special knock of 68* and Sunny 47* and won the finals for FUCC. 

CDCC did not have a single clue and they were rolled out by sheer brilliance of these 2. FUCC won by 8 wickets and thus created history by becoming the first team to win CCL trophy in their very first season. CDCC's effort was much appreciated and they also were part of the history to move to Div-I in their first ever season.

It was a great victory. FUCC won the championship by some sheer wonderful performances, teamwork and full dedication. FUCC never lost respect of each other and also with any opponents.

Skipper was presented with the championship trophy and Rahul was declared the player of the finals. It was his back to back man of the match awards. He proved that he is one of the finest all rounder in the CCL and a very very important asset for the FUCC. Sunny K also showed that experience can make a great difference. Amit was find of the tournament for FUCC , even though he started opening in the last two matches of the league. Everyone contributed whenever required. Sultan of swing and Vindo always gave a very good start to the team. Navneeth bowled his heart out whenever required. Tejinder and Sunil played some good innings with Teji specially playing well in the early stages of the league. Harish and Rahul together controlled the spin department. FUCC is fortunate to have these two with them , one with Off spin and another one with Leg spin. A very rare lethal combination. Sarvesh was also and asset to the team and was  a lethal bowler but unfortunately had to stop his campaign in the middle of the tournament when he got injured badly. Sunny E, Sitta, Dennis, Jigs, Shiva and Prashant also played crucial part in the overall win of FUCC.

As a whole , FUCC turned out to be a team to beat in DIV-II. FUCC will be playing Div-I next year and will again be a team to beat hopefully.

I, personally had fun leading this great team. whole team played well and respected my decision all throughout the league. this is really a captain's delight. Captain always had the suggestions from seniors of t he team like Rahul/Hari/Sunny K. Everything was transparent starting from Selection. This was a great effort by our new team. I am so proud to be oart of this team and leading this team is an honor.

All the best FUCCers for Div-I. Please excuse me if i have missed someone here.