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Triad T20 tournament 2014 finals - Match report by Sitta

posted Nov 13, 2009, 4:17 PM by Rahul Mandewalker   [ updated Dec 1, 2014, 12:47 PM ]

Forming a new team 5 weeks ago and entering into finals of the tournament itself is a big victory for FUCC. Amidst all the hurdles, sarcasms, pavilion bitching about us by the opponents, our boys were calm and composed. The two losses against WGCC in the league matches gave them over-confidence, on the other hand gave FUCC boys critical thinkings and home works. WGCC players spoke too soon and were floating in their dreams about snatching this finals from us. From our side our boys responded back with their actions. The weather was calm and quiet, no-rain prediction was a good sign for us. Winning the toss, WGCC asked us to bat first (which is what we also wanted). 
               This time Raj opened the batting along with Teji. Even though WGCC players received warning from the umpires about their bullying, they started their trash talk from the very first ball. They got Raj out for zero in past two occasions and were thinking that they could repeat the history. After a slow start in Biv's first over, Raj's response was sending the ball to fence twice in a row. Next over by Amar was tight one with only 4 runs from it. The whole show started from the third over onwards, which was a disastrous one for WGCC and fireworks for FUCC, 18 runs from it made them to bring Mayur into action. It was a fruitful change from their side that sent Teji back to the hut. "The GABA" was brought to the attack next over, looked like a nice move for the first four balls and there started their bad time. Nothing stopped the run machine Raj, well supported by the captain. The game was moving in right direction for FUCC, which made them shuffle their bowlers now and then. Unfortunately, Raj was caught at long-on by Mayur at his 94 when he tried for a six that was a disappointing turn on our side. 120 runs partnership in 12 overs by Raj and Rahul made enough damage already and gave us an upper hand in the game. The quick recession of two wickets (Rahul at 78 & Sunny K at unfortunate 0) did not stop the progress. Sunil's 12 (6) and Sunny E's 26 (10) posted a very comfortable total on the board. 
                 With 219 runs to chase (required run rate of 11runs), WGCC's successful openers against FUCC, Sinu & Rohan were sent to the crease by the opponents. This time our top guns scared the hell out of Sinu who managed to score only 7 runs in 17 balls. The In-swing Yorkers by Sukesh and lethal bouncers by Navnith choked their openers. Rohan's golden duck brought the dangerous Dipen to the middle who hit 3 quick fours. This made Navnith to bring his best to unplug Dipen's wickets. Losing two wickets in the second over made them realize that they are playing against FUCC. The maiden over bowled by Sukesh was a reply for the first (FUCC vs WGCC) match, which was equal to a double wicket victory. Experienced Mayur joined Sinu at the center, steered their game in right direction. That did not last very long as the steady innings of Sinu and Mayur were folded one after another (95/4 in 11 overs; asking rate of 13.8). Amar and Biv replaced  Sinu-Mayur's 69 run partnership. Amar played sensibly and was supported by Biv's attacking performance. Although we were leaking runs, we had the confidence till the ball that we will get them. 20 runs to win from last, we were discussing in the middle which mouse will tie the bell. Suresh's confidence proved us wrong that he ain't mouse, instead a Lion. 4 runs from 3 balls; 4 & 5th balls were hit for sixes, the scenario raised everyone's heart beat. 4 to win from last ball, Biv moved to off stump thinking that Suresh will still bowl outside off stump. However, suresh went to Biv's leg stumps. He knew that Suresh always swings the ball into the wickets, therefore he tried something to save his own wicket (I have never witnessed), swinging the bat blindly behind his back and the ball met the bat, but settled within the 30 yards circle. They could not able take more than 2 runs and lost the finals by 1 run deficit. All the nail biting drama came to an end witnessing the saying, "the deserving ones always receive the favor at right time". Thanks to the almighty who watches everything from above...... During our fielding part, there were some butter fingers and nervous minds that gave the opponents a few chances to survive, but end of the day "we won the trophy". Who cares about our mistakes - we are Champions. 

Thanks for food, tea, snacks brought by the team members.

A few notable things during the tournament:
- a very beautiful gelling between the boys (without any bitching), positive energy on the field
- cares and concerns about each other
- dedication, commitment, practices, home works 
- brilliant batting performances by our top orders - Raj, Sunny K, Teji, Rahul, Sunil, Sunny E and Dhamodar
- overall consistent bowling performances by Sukesh, Suresh, Vinod, Navnith, Harish, Rahul, Dennis and Sitta
- excellent fielding by the whole team through out the tournament
- hats off leadership by Rahul & Harish, supported by Raj's and Sunny K's experiences

Enjoy the victory and celebrate!!!!

With Regards,
Sittadjody Sivanandane