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FUCC vs CWCC, Match report by Raj

posted Jul 24, 2015, 11:55 AM by Rahul Mandewalker   [ updated Jul 24, 2015, 11:56 AM ]
FUCC vs CWCC, June 12th, 2015

Hello FUCC'ers.

Great win. A perfect combination of Good batting (Apart from middle over crisis) and exceptional bowling. I am so happy. When i look back to this match, i was a little worried after we put of competitive 155 on the board but confident too. I had full confidence on our bowling and thank god, it was proved right.

155 is not bad score in 30 overs game. 5 runs per over is not easy to chase. But when we have some awesome bowlers, this score looks like 170+, considering how often we pick top order, courtesy to our bowlers.

The day started with Captain losing the toss and opponents choosing to bowl (Exactly we wanted, so no worries to loose the toss). After a quick team meeting (some motivational speech and some suggestions), FUCC started the batting with Rajan and Teji as an opener ( 2 punjabi puttars). They were facing the best bowling attack so far in the Division II League (if i am not mistaken). Teji Bhraji got out early ( i think he was in hurry to listen to some punjabi tadka songs). Rahul joined Raj. After seeing the initial over, Raj started finding gaps and scorecard started ticking. Rahul started slowly (considering injured hand, injure ankle) but slowly a partnership started  building. In between Raj and Rahul scored some glorious boundaries.

CWCC brought their main bowler then. Jaymin Patel, no#1 bowler currently in Division II considering number of wickets he has taken. He started bowling quite well from the word Go and scoring rate came down instantly, but FUCC did not hand over any wicket to him. Then Rahul got out while pushing the run rate. Sarvesh joined and also got out courtesy a brilliant Catch at point( Any day, it would have taken fielder's hand , such was the force behind the shot). Suddenly FUCC was 3 down.

Then the wild fox, Sunny K joined and instantly started rotating the strike. This really helped Raj and boundaries started flowing. Score card again started ticking and FUCC was surely and slowly started moving towards the 200 run mark. Such was the quick  run rate during Sunny-Raj partnership. Then Raj got out after scoring brilliant 82, suddenly the flood gate opened and FUCC was all out for 155 in 26 overs. Again we missed the target of playing 30 overs.

Second innings resumed. Heat was on. Temperature was soaring and chase was on. CWCC would have thought that restricting FUCC under 160 will give them an easy and comfortable win, but they did not know that FUCC has some of the best bowlers. For a change , we started with Vinod instead of Sukesh. Vinod started erratically thus giving 10 runs in the first over. Sukesh came and from very first bow he showed by he is the best swinging bowler Carolina League has to date. The line length was immaculate and CWCC too would have studied him and would have wanted to avoid facing him. So they thought of seeing him off but pressure started building up and in no time they lost 5 wickets with a few runs on the score board, both Sukesh and Vinod contributing with new ball.

Prabhat from CWCC joined the middle and hammers 4 boundaries on sukesh's bowling, thus showing his content. This forced Raj to make the first change and brought Navi and very first ball he hit him on the Helmet, thus sending shock waves in the CWCC camp. Batsmen confirmed that they have never played with helmets on, and this was the first time they were playing with Helmets on, such was the pace with which Nav bowled. Sarvesh joined and with his sheer pace and swing got two wickets. Then CWCC started building up partnership, After the break, Raj again brought Sukeh back and he did not disappoint, gave two quick wickets.

Fight was on. Then Raj brought Sir Harish the IVth (just kidding). He bowled slow and with great line length, took 3 quick wickets. CWCC had no answers and got all out well below the target.

Win brought a great cheer since FUCC got the top spot without losing any game so far. FUCC again defended a modest total.

Great win.