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Captains Corner for the T20 game against HPCC.

posted Mar 24, 2015, 12:10 PM by Rahul Mandewalker
Hi FUCCers,

​All must be waiting to hit the ground for this Saturday match. I know. We all are eager to play against WGCC.

First, Let me talk about last game against PACC that we lost. Any loss is disheartening ​but important thing is to learn from a loss and move ahead. We cannot sit on a loss and derail our progress. 

One thing is clear, a better team won the game that day. Period. We were not up to the mark that day and hence we lost. One can found thousands of reason for a loss, but i am not one of them. I want to move ahead and get ready for our next game. Yes, we could have played better that day and could have done some things differently. We can discuss these things in the practice and learn from them and make sure we do not repeat them again.

As far as the match performance is concerned, we really bowled well for initial 10-12 overs. We were pretty good. As usual Sukesh and Navanith gave us a very good start. Amit bowled quite a decent spell. I am impressed with him over his controls. He rarely deviates from Off Stump which is really impressive stuff and considering he is not a regular leather ball player, it becomes more impressive.

We lost the track after 11-12 overs. We gave too many boundary balls and could not change the momentum of the opposition team and hence which costed us a huge total of 183 to be chased. Any day this is a par score and 9 out of 10 times a team would win the match.

We needed a blazing start but sad we lost Rahul very early. And then opposition really bowled well and we could not accelerate. Suresh batted really well and held an end and we needed someone to play a blazing knock which could not happen and we lost the game. Thanks to some late order hitting, we managed to score some decent runs on the board which really helped us in not losing track of our NRR.

Couple of umpiring decisions went against us, which otherwise would have had a game changing impact, but this is something which is not in our hands. We all agreed to respect the umpires and their decisions in the beginning and i am so Proud to see this being implemented. Respect should be the utmost value of our team. And this is exactly you would desire when you will have an umpiring assignment.

One thing which i want to bring on the table is the lack of energy. I observed during the middle phase of the game that we were quite lethargic. This really impacts the overall morale of the team. Be chirpy, appreciate good fielding, good bowling. Forget the drop catches and misfields and encourage your teammates to do better.

​Again, these little things will make a huge difference between our wins and losses.​ LETS FORGET THIS LOSS. PERIOD.

By Rajan Thakur